YogaBellies for Pregnancy The Book!

I am so excited to be in the final stages of editing my new book, 'YogaBellies for Pregnancy: Your Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness Bible.' After the success of my first book, Birth ROCKS, I knew that I had to get around to putting this bible together, for all you pregnant mamas out there. This is a bible for all women to be who want to embrace a yogic lifestyle and work towards a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Where my Birth ROCKS book focused on preparing for a positve childbirth and beautiful birth stories, YogaBellies for Pregnancy, is more of a pregnancy wellness manual and a prenatal yoga 'how to' guide. I loved writing this book, I've poured my heart, soul and everything that I love about and want to share about pregnancy, into this bibe for yoga mamas.

I wanted to share my love of yoga for pregnancy, in an easy to understand way that wouldn't scare yoga newbies. I keep telling people that yoga is SO much more than what you do on the mat, but so often I attend a yoga class that is basically just aerobics. YogaBellies teachers don't teach like this, we know that yoga is so much more. It's the way you live your life and it's about supporting each other as a community of women.

With this in mind, I've tried to write the book, in a style that has something for all levels of yoga practice. People often have preconceived ideas about what yoga is and who can or can't 'do' it. Yoga is for everyone!!
The book is a good place to start if you've never stepped on a yoga mat before, with a run down of the kit you will need and some Yoga 101, to get you started. For more experienced yogis, it's always good to go over those basics again. Your foundations are so important in a pregnancy yoga practice, and there are so many new considerations and safety precautions, that you need to be aware of.
I wanted to cover general pregnancy lifestyle and nutrition guidelines too. As a reluctant lover of Diet Coke (forgive me it's my bad thing,) I know how anxious we can become around pregnancy nutrition. I remember standing in a cafe for about 20 minutes humming and ahhing over the food choices, unsure what was even safe to eat!

I've included an introductory overview of incorporating Yogic and also Ayurvedic, principles into your yoga lifestyle too. These ancient sciences have so many valuable concepts that apply to mamas today, so it was great to be able to put them together in a comprehensive way to share with you.

I've included month by month diet plans, (loosley) based on Ayurvedic diet principles for pregnancy. These healthy, nutritious guidelines will advise you on how to eat well for you and your bump, across the trimesters. Ayurvedic science and yoga are so closely related, that I just had to add some Ayurvedic principles for mama self-love during pregnancy too. Pregnancy can be damn hard work, so it's important that you look after yourself!

Yoga advice and gorgeous little YogaBellies for Pregnancy routines, are dispersed throughout the book. I don't teach in trimesters (I don't believe in them,) but I've included a range of posture breakdowns and routines, which you can practice throughout your pregnancy. I've included a heartburn sequence from the book in this post. I've set out some easy to follow guidelines to keep you and baby safe, and to help to start and continue a regular yoga practice.

I have not forgotten those post partum ladies either, with some comprehensive advice on returning to your yoga practice, armed with a new baby.

As you can see on the cover, I've had a cutesy mini me illustrated for the book and I love it! :) Mini-me will take you through the guide and keep you safe. I can't wait to see this book in print and to share it with you all!! It will be available on Itunes, PUB, PDF download, Amazon in paperback and also in Kindle. It will definitely be out in time for Christmas, so watch this space.

Cheryl xx