Yoga in the First Month of Pregnancy

I've only just found out - for certain - that I'm pregnant with number two! :) I am only 8 dpo and I don't want to get too excited as I've been here before and as you know, pregnancy does not always equals a baby..

In the very early stages of pregnancy, I always feel so cautious, as if the slightest movement could make baby go away. I haven't been on my mat all week, but today I decided that I was feeling confident enough to venture there. I'm so happy to be pregnant again and I really don't think I knew how much I wanted this baby until I was pregnant. Now I want to start my pregnancy practice, my YogaBellies practice, as I mean to go on.

So I tentatively roll out my mat and burn some lemongrass scents (which smell amazing right now.) I choose some Asian Zen playlist from Spotify and and step on. I start with what begins as a sun salutation but quickly realize that even at this stage (especially at this stage,) that it doesn't feel great. The pressure on my abdomen and womb in Chaturganga (plank pose) and Urdhva Mukka Svanasana (Upward Dog) makes me nervous, so I drop onto my knees and into table pose. I abandon any use of the Bandhas (yoga locks) and let my belly hang free :) Today it's all about feeling nice and enjoying the fact that I'm going to have a baby! No pressure on me or baby. That's the rule.

I found myself naturally moving into a lovely variation of the YogaBellies for Pregnancy cat curl, which I've filmed for you to watch and try at home. The stretch in my lumbar spine feels awesome, so I continue for a few rounds. Just releasing tension in my neck when moving into cat-cow pose, moving from side to side and opening up the rib cage and heart, allowing lots of extra oxygen move down to the Hara (womb) for baby, makes me feel great.

I hope you enjoy this 3 minute stretch which I highly recommend for the first trimester. If you like this you may also enjoy my YogaBellies for Pregnancy DVD, available for sale on Amazon.