How do your BAPs feel today?

Can you see and feel the difference in your BAP's already?

We hope you've been sticking to the BAP's Challenge - just 10 minutes a day is all it takes! No complicated diets to stick to, just 3 simple sequences and the easiest nutrition rule known to man! This is what you should be starting to feel...
  • Less aches and pains all over, especially along the length of the spine and the lower back;
  • Stronger and more flexible in the muscles and joints;
  • More definition and strength in the abdominal muscles and 'muffin top;'
  • More positive, happier and with more get up and go!
  • Starting to take control of the pelvic floor, becoming able to locate the pelvic floor muscles and able to contract them;
  • Becoming more aware of the breath and using the breath to move slowly and with purpose;
  • Better posture and more confidence in the way you look and feel!
We'd love to hear (and see) how you are getting on so why not join us on the facebook page to chat with our other BAP's mamas about wha'ts working for you and what's not! To find more about YogaBellies you can visit our website Remember to claim your 10% discount on your first block of YogaBellies for Mum & Baby or YogaBelles classes booked in January 2015.

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