Making a Difference

11692496_514619438687265_9219318515258303487_n A beautiful blog post on her journey to becoming a YogaBellies Teacher and making a difference, by Amanda Rees, Franchisee and Teacher at YogaBellies Birmingham “I CAN’T FIX THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS BUT I WILL DO WHAT I CAN TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHERE I CAN.” I saw this quote one day, took myself off for a run and decided that whilst what I was doing kind of made me happy, it made me anxious at times, lonely and left me feeling that I needed to do something else to make a difference to the pregnant ladies I worked with. At the time, I was running a maternity wear business from home (having been a lawyer before this). I loved the warm glowy feeling when a lady emailed me or dropped me a note to say how much she loved the dress she had bought and how it made her feel confident and beautiful at the wedding or party she wore it to. Some even sent photos, which was awesome! However, most of the time I felt lonely and isolated working from home. I wanted more time with expecting ladies. I wanted to do more to boost their confidence during their pregnancy, to see their babies when they arrived and to be a support at the key time of becoming a new mum. You see, I really struggled with loneliness and depression when my first daughter was born. My husband was working away from home at the time, none of my friends had children and I just shut myself away. It wasn’t very nice at all. A few days after that run, I was mooching around Facebook and saw a post about becoming a Yogabellies teacher. I clicked through and sent an email via the website. Immediately. I didn’t think about it very much. It just send right. Jo called me later that day and within a few hours the ball was rolling! It seemed like destiny, karma. My mind was actively looking for support and this had found its way to me. babymassage2 WHERE AM I NOW? Still running the maternity business, teaching prenatal yoga, baby massage and mummy and baby yoga. I love it. No more isolation for me. I am out there and I am making a difference. I simply can’t describe to you how wonderful it is to receive an email from one of my ladies telling me about the birth of her baby and about how much the breathing or postures we went through in class helped her during labour. They even tick the box on the Yogabellies feedback form to say that the classes have made a difference to their life! My understanding of myself and what it is I want to achieve through my various jobs is now crystal clear. It would not have been so if it were not for Yogabellies. Yogabellies has given me the opportunity to allow a different side of my character to flourish; one that I hid away for such a long time that I almost lost it altogether. I am so thankful for that. It came home to me again yesterday when one of the dads came to my baby massage class because his wife had to pop into work. She has been suffering with depression since her baby arrived and is struggling. I asked how she was doing? Dad replied, “She is getting there. She’s really disappointed that she can’t make it today. Your class has become a bit of a lifeline for her. Thank you.” Wow! I am making a difference. “TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE’S LIFE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BRILLIANT, RICH BEAUTIFUL OR PERFECT. YOU JUST HAVE TO CARE ENOUGH AND BE THERE.”

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