YogaBelles- Where Yoga Meets the Spa

YogaBelles Where Yoga Meets the Spa Come along to your local YogaBelles Yoga for Women class and truly indulge your senses with aromatherapy, soft music and candlelight. YogaBelles is unlike any other yoga class out there. Not only do we work through our four distinct pathways most suitable for where you are in your life, we also ensure that you are given the time to relax as we at YogaBellies believe that this is something we don't get enough of in our busy, hectic lifestyles. We make use of ancient yogic techniques in a relaxed and accessible environment, using therapeutic aromatherapy blends applied to the pulse points and diffused into the room to deepen and enhance your practice. As you take the first inhale and begin to move, the beautiful, soothing aromas fill your lungs and start to work their magic as you practice... Once you have breathed into the spaces, opened up and strengthened your bodies and given your mind space from everyday life, you can relax on your mat, make yourself comfortable and let your teacher do the rest. A blanket will be draped over you, a soft fragrant lavender eye mask will be placed over your eyes, the music will be just right, and the aromas will let you drift away to your special place. As you relax you can enjoy a mini hand, neck or face massage, pure bliss. If you are interested in coming along to YogaBelles® Yoga For Women Classes please check out to find the YogaBELLES® pathway that resonates with your mind, body and spirit and a teacher in your area.    

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