Teacher of The Month January 2015

A very big well done to Anjli Patel who has been selected as our very first teacher of the month for 2015.  As always we had some very worthy candidates also in the running for this award which is testament to the very high calibre of the teachers who make YogaBellies the success that it is......
Our decision was based on the following criteria being met or exceeded;
Anjli is very proactive on Yammer and has shared some very useful information on Yammer with other YogaBelliesKidz teachers. Her beautiful Diwali story was very innovative and inspirational. She also very willingly shared on Yammer her Yoga for Sport class plans which she prepared for Dance School Summer Camp for the benefit of other YogaBelliesKidz teachers.  In addition Anjli has agreed to pilot the new Master Franchise for YogaBelliesKidz and has already provided some excellent feedback, suggestions and recommendations for this franchise package.  Anjli is extremely professional, enthusiastic and positive in all of her interactions with her clients and other internal teachers - which has led to her meeting and achieving the criteria required for displaying a positive mental attitude, abiding by Yamas and NiYamas and being recognised as an excellent team player. Anjli has received excellent and very positive feedback from some of the clients attending her classes. In addition her recently launched classes for AquaBellies have received a significant number of bookings in the short time that they have been running - this is good evidence to support Anjli's achievement of receiving positive client feedback, high bookings and associated client revenue. Anjli is very proactive and innovative in her marketing strategies and has been at the forefront of some excellent proposals for new initiatives to forge partnerships and positive relationships between YogaBellies and Women's Sports & Fitness.  She has also put forward some good suggestions in relation to promotions for gaining a foothold into schools and nurseries. She has utilised her excellent marketing skills to promote YogaBelliesKidz and AquaBellies classes in a very positive light; which has assisted with spreading awareness of the YogaBellies community in general - this has resulted in her exceeding the criteria required for achieving exciting and proactive marketing. Overall Anjli is very professional, enthusiastic and committed to making her YogaBelliesKidz and AquaBellies businesses a huge success and also promoting the YogaBellies brand as the first choice for Women's yoga. She has totally embraced the ethos and culture we wish to promote at YogaBellies. As chosen teacher of the month for January 2015, Anjli will now automatically be eligible for selection as teacher of the year for 2015.

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