YogaBellies Teacher of the Month March 2015- Sharon Osu

The Teacher of the Month for March 2015 has been awarded to Sharon Osu. Sharon consistently lives up to the YogaBellies ethos of positively embracing the challenges associated with successfully building, running and maintaining your YogaBellies business. In doing this she has been an excellent role model for existing and new teachers coming into the organisation. Sharon has also been exceptional in her positive promotion of the YogaBellies brand at both an internal and external level. As usual we had a very high calibre of other teachers in the running for this award but Sharon is truly a very worthy recipient of the teacher of the month award for March 2015. Our decision was based on the following criteria being met or exceeded; Sharon is extremely committed to positively promoting the YogaBellies brand. She recently posted on Yammer some fantastic and very positive suggestions and recommendations in relation to client get together and doing things outside of your basic remit for the benefit of both the client and the business. This assisted greatly with raising the morale of other teachers who had been experiencing a quiet period for class bookings. Sharon is also always on hand to support and encourage other teachers with suggestions on how to improve their client experience, bookings and overall their business. She also regularly contributes and presents at the YogaBellies's CPD events with very upbeat and positive information in relation to her own experiences of how she has achieved success within YogaBellies and her business and how this can help and benefit others. This has provided very strong evidence to support Sharon's achievement of meeting the standard required for displaying a positive mental attitude, abiding by Yamas and NiYamas and also being recognised as a great support to the YogaBellies team. Sharon's consistently busy classes and the fact that she does go that extra mile for her clients; has ensured that she always manages to achieve and maintain a very high number of client bookings, repeat bookings and good revenue from the clients attending her classes. This is excellent evidence to support Sharon's achievement of receiving positive client feedback, high bookings and associated revenues. Sharon has always been extremely proactive in promoting and marketing her classes and creating a YogaBellies community specifically through her excellent social and inter-personal skills; which she utilises to the maximum to positively promote YogaBellies and to grow and expand her business. She is always coming up with new and innovative ways to promote and market her business and has very enthusiastically shared her ideas with other teachers for the benefit of all and YogaBellies in general. This is very strong evidence to support how she has exceeded the criteria required for achieving exciting and proactive marketing. Overall Sharon's absolute commitment and dedication to successfully promoting, building and maintaining the YogaBellies brand and her own business and also her excellent support and encouragement to Cheryl and all within YogaBellies - is very strong evidence of how she has fully embraced and promoted the ethos, culture and YogaBellies brand in the professional and positive way that we encourage all of our teachers to aim for and achieve. As chosen teacher of the month for March 2015, Sharon will now automatically be eligible for selection as teacher of the year 2015.

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