Birth ROCKS Deluxe Hypnobirthing E-Kit

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The Birth ROCKS Hypnobirthing Kit includes everything you need for a calm, peaceful and awesome pregnancy and birth.

Acclaimed by celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud) and Catherine Tyldsley (Coronation Street,) the Birth ROCKS Method is taking the birthing world by storm! The kit includes a PDF download of the brand new revised edition of the Birth ROCKS book, as well as 5 advanced hypnosis for birth MP3 audio recordings. This is your complete YogaBellies Birth ROCKS Hypnobirthing Kit for a peaceful, comfortable birth!

This kit will help you:

  • Look forward to childbirth with excitement and feel prepared for The Big Day;
  • Remove your fear of childbirth;
  • Allow you to birth comfortably and with minimal discomfort; 
  • Feel confident and positive about your choices during birth;
  • Encourage your pregnancy and birth to progress smoothly and naturally
  • Find out if hypnobirthing is the right comfort technique for you in birth and if not, then what your other options are;
  • Help you bond with your baby during pregnancy;
  • Help with morning sickness and even helps gets baby in the right position for bith!
  • Teach you Birth ROCKS breathing, relaxation and comfort techniques for birth;
  • Learn from positive birth stories from other women, reinforcing the fact that birth can be most amazing experience of your life;
  • Helps you keep your spirits high after birth if you're hit with the 'baby blues!'


This Kit includes:

The NEW revised edition of the Birth ROCKS book by Cheryl MacDonald

It doesn't have to be terrifying. You don't have to dread giving birth. In fact, the day you give birth can be the most amazing day of your life…

Birth ROCKS© is the revolutionary childbirth preparation method that’s been taking the world by storm. Created by YogaBellies founder Cheryl MacDonald, Birth ROCKS© is an approach to childbirth that’s positive, honest and most importantly, unique to you.

This book accompanies your personal journey though pregnancy and birth. The Birth ROCKS© Method helps you to understand your personal coping style in new or stressful situations; how to actively involve your partner in your birth and how to identify and release your fears of birthing. PLEASE NOTE THIS KIT INCLUDES A PDF DOWNLOAD OF THE BOOK, NOT A SOFT COPY.


You will also receive the following MP3 Birth ROCKS Hypnobirthing downloads:


Breech Turn Hypnosis with Deep Relaxation Hypnosis MP3

    This audio hypnosis track will assist you in turning your baby into the correct position for birthing. This is especially useful for mothers who know that baby is not currently in the correct position or is breech, but also for all mothers wishing to encourage mother into the correct position for the big day 

    Fear of Childbirth Hypnosis MP3

      This hypnosis track will allow you to lose your fears of childbirth and to look forward to birthing with excitement and love! This hypnosis audio is perfect for anyone who has worries, concerns or is feeling anxious before or throughout pregnancy. Listening to this track with explore your fears, uncover and RELEASE them. A deep yogic induction will take you to a beautiful and peaceful place where you will feel comfortable to let go of your fears.

      Relief from Morning Sickness Hypnosis MP3

        As someone who suffered from severe morning sickness throughout pregnancy, I know how debilitating ‘all day sickness’ can be! This self-hypnosis audio track will help to ease any feelings of nausea and provide relief from pregnancy related sickness. The astonishing power of self-hypnosis can convince your body NOT to feel sick! This audio can be played through every stage of pregnancy for relief.

        Relief from Post Natal Depression Hypnosis MP3

          Once baby is born, we are often confused by our mixed feelings of love and at times, exhaustion, anger or even resentment towards our new baby. Where did our life go? While every mother experiences ‘the baby blues,’ post-natal depression can be a debilitating illness that robs us of this happy time with our newborn baby.

          This audio track will encourage you to bond with your newborn, feel more positive and more capable as a mother. Take heart and believe in the power of self-hypnosis to help you change your thoughts and feelings in the most positive way.

          Baby Bonding Hypnosis MP3

              Relax into hypnosis with a deep bubble induction… This hypnosis audio will guide you on your journey towards getting to know your baby in utero. Meet baby before birth, begin to communicate with them and share your love. This track will also help you to relax, and look forward to becoming a parent.