Birth ROCKS Book by Cheryl MacDonald

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It doesn't have to be terrifying. You don't have to dread giving birth. In fact, the day you give birth can be the most amazing day of your life…

Birth ROCKS© is the revolutionary childbirth preparation method that’s been taking the world by storm. Created by YogaBellies founder Cheryl MacDonald, Birth ROCKS© is an approach to childbirth that’s positive, honest and most importantly, unique to you.

This book accompanies your personal journey though pregnancy and birth. The Birth ROCKS© Method helps you to understand your personal coping style in new or stressful situations; how to actively involve your partner in your birth and how to identify and release your fears of birthing.


Birth ROCKS will help you to:

• Look forward to childbirth with excitement and feel prepared for The Big Day;
• Learn from positive birth stories from other women, reinforcing the fact that birth can be most amazing experience of your life;
• Find out if hypnobirthing is the right comfort technique for you in birth and if not, then what your other options are; • Allow you to birth comfortably and with minimal discomfort;
• Feel confident and positive about your choices during birth;
• Encourage your pregnancy and birth to progress smoothly and naturally

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Which formats can I purchase the Birth ROCKS book in?

You can purchase from this website in PDF of Epub (iPad) download format so that you can read it on your Ipad or Kindle.

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