Birth ROCKS Hypnosis Downloads

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A choice of five Birth ROCKS hypnobirthing mp3 audio downloads including:

Breech Turn Hypnosis with Deep Relaxation Meditation


    This audio hypnosis track will assist you in turning your baby into the correct position for birthing. This is especially useful for mothers who know that baby is not currently in the correct position or is breech, but also for all mothers wishing to encourage mother into the correct position for the big day 

    Fear of Childbirth with Yogic Induction


      This hypnosis track will allow you to lose your fears of childbirth and to look forward to birthing with excitement and love! This hypnosis audio is perfect for anyone who has worries, concerns or is feeling anxious before or throughout pregnancy. Listening to this track with explore your fears, uncover and RELEASE them. A deep yogic induction will take you to a beautiful and peaceful place where you will feel comfortable to let go of your fears.

      Morning Sickness


        As someone who suffered from severe morning sickness throughout pregnancy, I know how debilitating ‘all day sickness’ can be! This self-hypnosis audio track will help to ease any feelings of nausea and provide relief from pregnancy related sickness. The astonishing power of self-hypnosis can convince your body NOT to feel sick! This audio can be played through every stage of pregnancy for relief.

        Post Natal Depression


          Once baby is born, we are often confused by our mixed feelings of love and at times, exhaustion, anger or even resentment towards our new baby. Where did our life go? While every mother experiences ‘the baby blues,’ post-natal depression can be a debilitating illness that robs us of this happy time with our newborn baby.

          This audio track will encourage you to bond with your newborn, feel more positive and more capable as a mother. Take heart and believe in the power of self-hypnosis to help you change your thoughts and feelings in the most positive way.

          Baby Bonding with Bubble Induction


              Relax into hypnosis with a deep bubble induction… This hypnosis audio will guide you on your journey towards getting to know your baby in utero. Meet baby before birth, begin to communicate with them and share your love. This track will also help you to relax, and look forward to becoming a parent.

              You can buy all five tracks with a PDF copy of the Birth ROCKS book in the store under BIRTH ROCKS HYPNOBIRTHING KIT.