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PeaceLoveYoga Mat by YogaBellies® - Samisthiti

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The Samisthitihi mat is named after the fundamental ‘Mountain’ posture, and depicts snow-covered peaks across a beautiful blue sky: Peaceful; Serene and Strong. Choose this mat for a grounding yet inspirational practice. 

Intention: Grounding; Stability: Focus; Consistency; Harmony; Endurance; Strength

Ascending a mountain requires stamina and strength. Think of Mount Everest and the many climbers who have been drawn to the physical challenge of climbing it. The mountain is anchored in the earth, but its peak reaches toward the heavens. Volvano’s spews fire from their peak due to their connection to the earth’s core. We can view the channels of lava as being symbolic of our own thriving energy channels.

Mountains have throughout history been considered to have higher energy levels, often because they appear to be endowed with qualities of consistency, harmony, endurance and insurmountability. 

Over many centuries yogis have entered mountain caves to spend time alone in meditation in hope of reaching enlightenment. In many ways, the mountain has come to symbolize the desire to transcend one’s little self and achieve higher spiritual goals. On top of a mountain we have a wider perspective and obstacles that may have seemed huge shrink down to a more manageable size.

The Peace Love Yoga Mat by YogaBellies®

Dragons' Den Winners YogaBellies bring you The PeaceLoveYoga Mat.The original, intention infused, eco-friendly yoga mat. Acclaimed by celebrities and recommended by HELLO!, OM Yoga, Health & Fitness and Women's Health Magazines.

PEACE LOVE INTENTION Each mat has been designed, specifically for women and is infused with it’s own intention, setting the tone for your practice. With a beautiful range to choose from, pick a mat that represents all that you wish to embrace. The vivid, non-fade colours and stunning designs will invigorate and inspire you as you practice.

PEACE LOVE ASSURANCE The PeaceLoveYoga Mat was designed by a female Yoga Elder and Cardiologist, specifically for the female form. It’s unique, suede-feel, top layer, functions as a sumptuous, yet highly absorbent towel surface. This provides exactly the level of grip you need. The eco-safe, natural tree rubber base, provides the correct amount of cushion to support female joints, often under pressure at times such as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

PEACE LOVE LIFE This mat works around your life. Rolls up and flattens out completely to pop in your yoga bag. You can use either side depending on how your practice progresses. You can lightly spray with water for extra grip and machine wash as desired.

PEACE LOVE NATURAL Sourced from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, our mat is biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable. Using water-based inks, our mats are free from silicone, toxic glue, phthalates, PVC and Chlorine. Our mat promises no nasty toxic smells.

PEACE LOVE FOREVER Our durable mat uses high tech heat sublimation printing, ensuring it won't fade, even after repeated washing. We’re so confident in our mat, we provide a lifetime guarantee.

PEACE LOVE WOMEN For every yoga mat sold we give $1 to Women's Aid, supporting women globally. These mats were designed by women, for women, supporting women.

Dimensions: 178cm x 61cm x 3.5mm