The Yoga for Life Journal

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Dearest Yogini,

I wrote the The Yoga Life Journal because I couldn’t find a yoga journal that took into consideration physical and emotional fluctuations that women experience throughout the month. I know how greatly my menstrual cycle and in turn the phases of the moon, impact my yoga practice and my life and wellness, in general. I wanted to be able to capture this information for personal reflection and growth, in a beautiful place.

It was created for women who want to live their yoga, on and off the mat. This journal will guide you through a detailed 52 week journey of tracking and reflecting on your yoga practice, emotions and physical condition. Each week you can track your menstrual and moon phase daily, alongside your yoga practice. It also includes quick reference mini moon charts, to observe your cycle each month at a glance, helping you identify any patterns in your cycle.

We will walk you through how the phase of the Moon impacts your emotions and wellbeing, and you can reflect on where you are in your personal menstrual cycle at each stage, and the combined impact that this has on your yoga practice. Each week focuses on a new reflection and allows you to grow your yoga practice.

By tracking our yoga journey in this way, we become more aligned and attuned to the forces of nature. This allows us to practice self-love and to rest, create and inspire at the correct time of the month. By surrendering to nature, we are empowered and learn to harness our intrinsic feminine power.

What’s Inside:

  • 52 Weeks of reflections on your yoga practice, on and off the yoga mat;
  • Analysis of the moon phases and how they impacts your life;
  • Keep track of your gratitude, self-care, menstrual cycles and yoga practice;
  • Inspirational yoga quotes and additional room of personal notes and contemplations;
  • Keep track of books you want to read and yoga classes you want to try