YogaBelles Lunar Natural Menopause: Welcoming the Crone

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YogaBelles Lunar guide to moving through menopause naturally

Taking you from pre-menopausal symptoms to the post-menopausal period, this kit has over 100 pages of vital information for women who want to approach menopause naturally as well as additional resources and an audio meditation download.

This kit includes:

  • What is Menopause
  • The Stages of Menopause
  • Naturral approaches to Menopause including: herbal supplements, teas, nutrition and aromatherapy;
  • Yoga for Menopause and why it's great for the Menopause
  • A selection of YogaBelles Lunar Yoga routines for relief of menopause symptoms
  • Yoga postures and why they work for menopause
  • An MP3 guided audio download of 'Balancing Yin and Yang Meditation'
  • YogaBelles Lunar 10 Healthy Recipes for Happy Hormones
  • YogaBellies Guide to Essential Oils for Ailments
  • More menopause resources

You can also choose to add on the YogaBelles Lunar Cycle Kit:

By aligning your menstrual cycle with the moon phases, we regulate our menstrual period, assist hormonal fluctuations and live in-line with nature.This kit is perfect for women who:

  • suffer from PMS or PMDD;
  • are suffering from infertility issues or wish to regulate their menstrual cycle;
  • are moving into or are in the menopause

This add-on kit includes:

  • A complete guide to why you should align your cycle with the lunar phases;
  • A step by step guide on how to align your menstrual cycle with the moon;
  • 2 x Lunar calendars for 2015 and 2016 to help you track your cycle;
  • An MP3 recording of a YogaBelles Lunar Full Moon Meditation;
  • An MP3 recording of a YogaBelles Lunar New Moon Meditation.