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YogaBellies Bump Belt BOOST (Ultimate Maternity Support Belt)

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  • EASES YOUR PAIN AND REDUCES THE STRAIN ON BACK, HIPS AND BUMP - Fed up with having to walk with an arched back and one hand under your bump? Our pregnancy belt gently cradles the weight of the bump evenly across your back, eases your discomfort and makes it feel like someone else is carrying your baby weight for you!
  • THE BOOST BELT PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE LEVEL OF SUPPORT FOR A PREGNANCY SUPPORT BELT - Extra support that reduces the lower back pain and pelvic discomfort that occur after seemingly normal activities.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR AND GROWS WITH YOU - Every bump is unique. The BOOST baby belly band is fully adjustable so it will not only fit your bump but will grow with it! Our sizing guarantee means that if you grow out of it we will send you another size free of charge!
  • HELPS REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF STRETCH MARKS - By gently lifting the bump you reduce the drag and tension on the skin, decreasing the appearance of stretch marks.
  • RISK FREE UNLIMITED SIZE AND FIT GUARANTEE - You can buy risk free. If your belt doesn't fit or you grow out of it at any time during pregnancy you can change it. As many times as you want. No questions asked!

If you want to enjoy your pregnancy, and get on with your life without having to put up with lower back pain and strain, you need YogaBellies Bump Belt BOOST. It's breathable, the supportive material is comfortable to wear and easy to wash. It supports the weight of your bump alleviating all the pressure on your lower back and thighs, meaning you get to carry on with your life as usual.

Sizing - See our sizing guide picture above to help you choose the correct size. But don’t worry, if it doesn’t fit you can easily return it for a different size.

Tips for use

1. Use under the doctor's advice

2. Do not use for more than a few hours per day

3. Loosen when sitting for comfort

4. Some people wear it over a vest other don’t – personal choice

Try it risk-free Today. If you don’t like it just send it back for a full refund, or if it doesn’t fit just return it for another size. Simple! Click add to cart to start living normally again